Why America and China Today Are Like Pre–World War I Europe

In November 1912, a war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary nearly broke out over a question of small importance: whether Serbia would own an Adriatic port on the coast of Albania. Had Austria intervened to oppose Serbia’s imperialist objective, Russia would have entered the conflict on the side of her Serbian client. France and Britain would have followed Russia for the sake of their Entente; Germany, likewise, would have entered the arena on Austria’s side, eager to protect its only serious ally. World War One would have begun twenty months earlier than it eventually did, over an issue of no concrete interest to any Great Power save Austria-Hungary, whose position in the Balkans was becoming increasingly threatened by Serbia’s expansion.

  • bob e

    Pictured is the only Chinee nuclear carrier. a bit like the british model but most
    of the difficult operating secrets & air plane launch & recovery were sold to the Chinee by pervert president Bill Clinton to pay for his 2nd run for president. Old US Navy friends call this vessel the Chinese Ship Bill Clinton, named after the
    president who sold the top trade secrets on this, & steal aircraft, satellite tech, submaries, & balistic missle tech & whatever the enemy of the US wanted. Notice how these marvelous things came out all at once .. ‘effen chinese .. FFS.
    This was while Hilly backed to the hilt the bloody Bosnian Muslim s in the BalKan wars of the 90’s. Remember the news clips of the poor Bosnians comming over the hills in winter snow because the genocidle Serbs were driving them from their homeland.
    “From a distance” was the hit anti war/serb song of the time. Germany & the US
    backed Bosnia with arms, etc & now we have Albania along with savage Muslim Bosnia .. Hilly knows because she was under deadly Serbian sniper fire ..

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t see the US having the stomach or even the technical and logistical capability to carry on a shoot war halfway around the world in China’s backyard. Obama and/or Hillary will just blithely watch as China absorbs whatever land and sea they like and the Americans will declare victory, personal, it’s all because of them, victory,