Need more Money to Forecast Climate Catastrophe


“This paper is a call to arms,” said Patrick Zollner, article co-author and Purdue associate professor of wildlife science. “The world is in dire circumstances. We’re losing a lot of species, and we’re largely unaware why. How do we need to rethink the kind of data we’re collecting so we can take advantage of modern modeling tools to understand the outcomes of climate change for ecological systems? This could help us forestall losing wildlife that we later deeply regret.”

  • Martin B

    More climate change hysteria = more $$$ for climate change hysterics.

    Nice gig they’ve got.

  • mauser 98

    NASA Exposed in ‘Massive’ New Climate Data Fraud

  • simus1

    Their now discredited computer climate modeling of globull warming fakery was tolerated in the hope that it would be all wrapped up in a neat package and sold to a gullible public before the cat was out of the bag. Now that it has failed, they want hundreds of billion of dollars “so they can acquire the supercomputer technology that will prove beyond any doubt” that their fake bullshit shortcut was really correct all along.