Transgender: Trying to report facts when no one wants to hear them

From Salvo,

Lawrence S. Mayer, M.B., M.S., Ph.D., did just that in The New Atlantis. He says, “I am a biostatistician and epidemiologist who focuses on the design, analysis, and interpretation of experimental and observational data in public health and medicine, particularly when the data are complex in terms of underlying scientific issues. I am a research physician, having trained in medicine and psychiatry in the U.K. and received the British equivalent (M.B.) to the American M.D.”

And he boldly claims:

I support every sentence in this report, without reservation and without prejudice regarding any political or philosophical debates. This report is about science and medicine, nothing more and nothing less.

Read the report. Watch the hate mail (but don’t read it). If only our leaders would get up to date with the science. . . . More.

Reality check: The author of the original report, McHugh, couldn’t really write this report until he was retired or the pack howl would be for stripping him of his licence and tenure. Our “leaders” are not interested in facts. They seek shock troops for a revolution against nature, and Big Tranny is a good recruitment scheme.

See also: Healthy skepticism? About transgender teens? (No doubt some will be pushing the idea that skepticism in this area should be a hate crime, no matter what the circumstances. )


CNN claims millennials more conservative than other demographics No, not really. It’s more like this: Millennials grew up in an environment where being “liberal” means accepting irrational beliefs and restrictions, in the face of threats and intimidation. Whether they can or will do anything about it is a separate question entirely.