The University of Iowa has added bachelor of social justice to its list of degrees

From Anthony Gockowski at Campus Reform:

Currently, the school already offers a first-year seminar on social justice as well as a “Justice for All” living learning community where students can live and “learn about systemic problems in our society.”

Students have “expressed a desire to integrate academic work more deeply with anticipated career paths.”

University officials told The Iowa City Press-Citizen that both programs have been so well-received, with full-enrollment in the “Justice for All” learning community, that demand for an actual degree-program on the topic makes sense.

“The proposed program will appeal to students who want a vocation related to helping others, or careers in government services or the nonprofit sector, but are not necessarily interested in teaching or social work,” a proposal for the program suggests, noting that there is no “specific degree program” at the university or in the state that provides “opportunities in these areas.” More.

Reality check: In short, they want to talk a lot, act important, and maybe even boss people around without doing anything useful. Such degrees are a one-way ticket to either a job at Starbucks or a job as part of Orwell’s outer party, the bureaucrats who keep the progressive system running.

While we typically think of such courses as a poor investment, that’s because our regular contact is with the Starbucks set. The ones who score as ‘crats or “helping professionals” probably do well financially and thus find the courses a good investment indeed—a great way to make contacts and demonstrate one’s loyalty.

The rest of us are just losers, not only because we must pay but because the value of degrees in genuine disciplines is decreased by the growing masses of worthless “studies” ones.

See also: Breaking! Breaking! Women’s Studies is a poor investment. Bitching about men should be free. It is worth what you pay for it. Also, beware any course with “Studies” in its name.