Terrorists have rights, sure, now pass the reefer

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, which went apoplectic over the mere notion that the Stephen Harperites would yank the Canadian citizenship of a dual citizen convicted of terrorism, now wants to further restrict our security agencies in tracking down and neutralizing threats.

  • Reader

    I understand under the Liberal changes immigrants AND refugees will be given citizenship after only 1 year and the process is being made a lot easier for them.

    So, I would assume this is being done in the hopes of creating a Liberal electoral dynasty, until those immigrants and refugees decide they want to create their own political parties and we end up with a pizza-parliament of many sectarian parties.

    • What you said.

    • Oracle9

      It’s called balkanization of the electorate – the transparant leftist Liberal tactic, and it’s working very well for them. Not for this country.

      Little Potato however is having the best time of his life. Nice.

  • Canadian Born

    This only benefits liberal voters and that screws Canadians that don’t want this to happen. What I would like to know where is the democracy and rights for the voters that didn’t put this inept politician into power?

  • lzzrd

    I have read and observed, that when “certain” people are a minority, they are all for minority rights.When they are in the majority, not so much.

  • Maggat

    Pity, but the only thing that will possibly point the liberals in the direction of protecting the “citizens” of Canada is a massive attack, with a large loss of life and this will only work if the attack is carried out in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal.

  • Uncommunist

    If anyone would be bothered to mobilize veterans … that’s a million votes or so … since terrorists have rights but vets don’t … please sign:

  • Yessir baconFat

    I see a couple people mentioning minorities. If you’re white you are a minority worldwide. Don’t let the Wynne’s and Trudeau’s let you think diversity is anything but to get votes and wipe you out. You will see Canada slowing disintegrate and fall amouk since we curtsied and changed laws,customs and attitudes to meet the people who came from savaged lands. Then they will go what happened we came here for all the good stuff but it’s no better than home… since we are all 6 feet under.

  • Blind Druid

    Having this goon as our leader is a result of women having the vote. Plain and simple.