North Korea Conducts the Largest Nuclear Test to Date

North Korea is believed to have carried out Friday another nuclear test assessed to be its largest one to date, South Korean military said. This marked the fifth official nuclear experiment by the communist state since the UN Security Council adopted a resolution banning it from any nuclear or ballistic missile programs.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that a magnitude-5.0 artificial earthquake had been detected near Punggye-ri, Hamgyeong Province, where an underground nuclear test site is located. The waves had been reported by the state-run Korea Meteorological Administration.


On October 21, 1994, the United States, with Bill Clinton as president, and North Korea signed an agreement stating that North Korea would halt its nuclear program and in return it would get reactors and oil.

After calling North Korea a part of the “axis of evil”, President George Bush removed North Korea from the terrorism sponsorship list.

To this date, Obama has still not enforced sanctions.