Matt Lauer panned for debate moderation Wednesday

From Jason Abbruzzese at Mashable,

Even with the poor performance, it would have been hard to predict the fervor with which people raged against Lauer. The New York Times TV critic aggressively panned the anchorman while numerous other print and TV outlets weren’t much kinder. Lauer should definitely avoid Twitter for … a while.

The vitriol with which Lauer was attacked hints at just how contentious the role of journalists — and particularly those on a major national stage — has become in this election, as well as the broad frustration with media negligence in how it has covered the candidates. That frustration boiled over on Thursday, with Lauer as the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And with the election just 60 days away and polls narrowing, stakes are only getting higher.

Indeed, as New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait wrote, he didn’t think Trump had a shot at winning until seeing Lauer’s interview.More.

Reality check: This flap is really about the growing irrelevance of legacy mainstream media. Had there been no media celeb moderator, would things have gone any differently? That whole “moderator” thing was really all about the media themselves, not the candidates.

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Breitbart crowing about NYT recognition? Look out, Breitbarts! The Timesers are not your friends and you don’t need them.