Marion Le Pen: France must ‘urgently’ act on immigration after Notre Dame terror plot


The rising star of France’s far-right Front National party said: “After this attempted attack at Notre Dame, more than even we urgently need to attack the causes; immigration, Islamisation and cracking down on the law.”

  • mauser 98

    some hope

    ….Syrian Refugees Demand To Go Home

    “nobody in the U.S. told the immigrants that they would be resettled in
    Detroit. “If I have choice between bomb drop on my head or beat up,
    robbed, and shot living in this monkey dung heap, I take bomb drop any
    day,” said newly arrived refugee, Hafeez Muhammad.”

    • Blacksmith

      Is he on a plane back yet?

      • Slickfoot

        To Tucson probably.

  • Ed

    Stop calling her “far right.”

    When you form a majority, it’s not “far” anything.

    • Editor

      Let’s just hope the French have finally had enough and find the guts to vote her and the FN in next April. I am, sadly, still doubtful.