London Intelligence Unit Targets “Hate Speakers”


The office of the Mayor of London has issued a grant for an online “hub” designed to identify so-called ‘hate speakers’ for police.  The grant promises to “improve the police response” as well as develop the “intelligence to facilitate counter measures that can reduce and prevent further criminal activity.”  British and European law do not contain the robust protections for freedom of speech that America’s First Amendment provides.

  • What madness. Choudary runs amok for a decade and these fools go after a few twitter trolls.

  • Ron MacDonald

    What happens with a country fails to have a values test for immigrants.

    • infedel

      They become third world.

  • Yessir baconFat

    So you can attend a Remembrance day parade and spit on soldiers, asking for the death of all infidels, Patrol the streets and bash/spew venom or worse at people who have had a few drinks, short skirts or appear to be gay, you can raise money via welfare and send to ISIS, have many wives and each collects welfare and gets a house paid by the taxpayer, attack and chop up a soldier in broad daylight, take over prisons since ya all criminals, molest, rape and whore out 1000’s and 1000’s of women across the country since your dead boss from 1400 hundred years ago said it was his way! Oh and you won’t pick up people with dogs in your cabs… so let’s go after those hate speakers so we can cut down on crime then eh? sweet jesus the world is upside down.

    • infedel

      Yep; time to ban leftists (they had their run) and islam (their run is over).

  • infedel

    Well, phuque that.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Britain is lost.

    • Millie_Woods

      3 generations of my family laid their lives on the line for those pukes only to watch them turn their shitty little country into a sewage lagoon for every piece of shit imaginable. I hate them for it.

  • infedel

    Hey khan, what are you doing about the rape of white children and women by moslem rape gangs..

    • Will Quest

      He hates kuffars …………………………………….

      • infedel

        obviously; never let moslems vote or hold public service offices in the West….or you will be under sharia…they donot let us do it in their lands.

  • bob e

    Breitbart .. Liberty GB .. Peguida UK .. Britain First ..
    the English Defence League .. and so forth . Nothin’ like a muslim mayor
    or a muslim president .. or a muslim PM .. eh ??

  • roccolore

    Which means Muslims can say whatever they want and anyone who criticises them is charged with a “hate crime.”