JK Rowlings attacked for not making Sirius Black gay

From Christian Toto at PJ Media,

Now, Potter fans are aghast that Rowling refuses to make another critical character in the franchise gay.

Gay rights proponents insisted Sirius Black, memorably played by Gary Oldman in several “Potter” films, is a homosexual.

Only Rowling seemed to suggest that wasn’t the case. This is her world, and she sets the rules.

That wasn’t good enough. Social media activists decried the news. Suddenly, goodwill toward the LGBT community disappeared.

The hashtag #JKRowlingIsOverParty took over. More.

Reality check: Under progressive government, artists do not have the right to practice their art freely They are accountable to pressure groups, in this case the Big Gay lobby. Rowlings should have thought twice before espousing their causes. Far from returning the favour by giving her freedom, they’ll make clear they think they own her.

And if she tells them to buzz off, she becomes The Enemy. Wear it, sister.

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