It’s time to stop talking about racism with whites


We’ve spelled it out for white America a hundred different ways that their beloved police forces are full of officers who are simply more volatile, fearful and prone to harassment and abuse of power when dealing with us — and it’s costing us our lives. We’ve laid out all the statistics and all of our millions of personal testimonies. We’ve made it clear that even though the subject of police brutality, as a sensationalized national discussion covered by mainstream media, is a relatively new phenomenon, it is an issue as old as our involuntary occupation of this country. With all of this information readily available and reiterated constantly, it’s beyond ridiculous that the simple words “black lives matter” require any added explanation at all. And yet, here we are coming up with a dozen analogies trying to, even further, simplify it.

“Black Lives Matter” is designed to elicit the response “No They Don’t”, thus solidifying the argument that all whites are racist – and they’re furious we haven’t taken the bait.

  • G

    Time to stop? Terrific! I was sick to death of your whining anyway.

    • JoKeR


      • G

        “black lies matter.”
        Spend more time in school learning how to spell and less time blocking traffic at 2pm and your life just might matter.

      • Is your son next?

        Ask the black thugs you refuse to help the racist cops find.

      • Clausewitz

        Notice that black men never carry that sign that says “Is my son next”. How would they know?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fair enough. Stay on the Rez

  • What a piece of typical PC racist lies.

    You can dance around and deny reality all you want. But the vast majority of murdered blacks are murdered by other blacks.

    Non-black populations of this country turn in thugs in their own communities and help the police deal with criminals. As long as “snitches get stitches” keeps blacks from dealing with internal black problems – the problem will not change.

  • Martin B

    “…our involuntary occupation of this country”

    What’s stopping them from voluntarily leaving this country they hate so much? Nothing as far as I can tell. Plenty of regularly scheduled flights to Africa leaving from all major airports.

    • ntt1

      They are for the most part,disliked by real Africans there is no common culture at all.

      • Alain


  • richfisher

    Why is black culture so dysfunctional and at odds with main stream culture?
    To illustrate my point here’s two black people who are having a bad day.
    Check how they react to just everyday mundane problems like their kid bumps a car with the door getting out of their vehicle and the other misplaces his phone.

    • Slickfoot

      Out of control.

  • Ed

    Any talk of segregating back to Africa?