Houston-bound plane diverts to Nashville after Muslim shouts in Arabic, breaks door


According to an affidavit, United Express flight 3550 was scheduled to fly from Cincinnati to Houston but made an emergency landing in Nashville after a man, identified as Mohammed Nasser Aldoseri, broke out of the plane’s bathroom door and spoke very loudly in Arabic.

What if he had been in a clown suit?

  • seaoh

    could have been worse… maybe he just had to Sh+t


    • Blacksmith

      I think maybe his underwear bomb fizzles and was roasting his nuts, had to get rid of it……

    • Blacksmith

      Fekking third world uncivilized cretins. Disgusting.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Clearly he was caught up with the Nashville scene and was singing Rodney Atkins songs in Arabic.

  • pdxnag

    But he can’t be Muslim? Any Muslim who shouts Allahu Akbar! and the like is by definition NOT a Muslim. Islam is Peace(tm).

  • caliroxanne

    This is an attempt at the Islamic get rich quick strategy like that Muslim piece of trash clockboy.