DND investigating if recently killed Muslim terrorist leader received Canadian training

A senior terrorist killed in Bangladesh last week may have been trained by the Canadian Armed Forces as part of an international military cooperation program, defence sources said Thursday.

The Department of National Defence said it was trying to verify whether Mohammad Zahidul Islam, the alleged second-in-command of a pro-ISIL faction behind a wave of deadly attacks, had trained in Canada.

Justin would want it to be so…

  • mauser 98

    pppphhhrrttt…like an FBI / Hillary investigation…

  • Jim Horne

    Bill C-51 gave our security agencies and law enforcement a tool box that allows them to use threat reduction activities to mitigate potential security threats. More threat reduction tools are being sought by these groups to protect Canadians.

    What’s changed?

    With appoximately 60 individuals who have traveled abroad for terrorism-related purposes back in Canada our security agencies and law enforcement need to be able to up their game. Having been trained in insurgency, terrorism, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, these 60 individuals bring skills home that make it likely they will be able to evade the kind of monitoring and control measures that are permitted by C-51.

    Our security agencies and law enforcement want and need more threat reduction tools in order to better protect Canadians. These 60 returnees are the real deal. Shouldn’t the Public Safety Minister be taking stronger measures to protect citizens?

    Terrorists have rights, sure, now pass the reefer

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    He was trained under the previous government who was spending the taxpayers money like a drunk sailor and now that paying bill is 150 billion dollars in debt.