Muslim Violence on a Sunday Afternoon in the South of France, Women, Children Attacked for Wearing Shorts


Near the city Les Œillets, eastern side of Toulon, two couples, a friend and three children cycling on bikes path were violently attacked by a dozen of muslims who intend to impose sharia law in France, and shorts worn by the two women were deemed “indecent”.

The women were insulted, the muslim call them whores and sluts in front of their children, and accused of being as if they were exposed naked.

…The three men in the group responded and asked the Muslim men to respect their wives.

In response, Muslim gangs from the hood beat them with unprecedented violence… The men were seriously injured, one of them won’t be able to go back to work for 30 days, said the Hospital.

…A similar incident erupted last June when Maude Vallet, a Toulon woman of 18 was beaten by a gang of Muslims who considered her outfit – she was wearing shorts – inappropriate.

And Thursday, August 25, a young woman was assaulted by a Muslim woman because she was bathing topless in Chateauneuf-sur-Charentes. La Charente Libre a local newspaper, reported that the young 26 year old woman was insulted by the Muslim woman who criticized her for being naked like a whore and ordered her to hide her chest.