Multiculturalism: Dismantling Western Culture – Hillary and Merkel

“Since the days of Charles Martel and Charlemagne, some great victories have been won by the West, but the war is never over. All these historical events can easily be overlooked because of the wording of the standard history books, which blur when they should clarify. These Western books offer scattered anecdotes about “Saracens,” “Moors,” and “Barbary pirates,” but almost never a coherent picture. That is because everywhere in the modern world we see the problem of “political correctness,” but especially in academic situations. Every piece of paper that appears in public must emphasize “multiculturalism” at all costs, in spite of the fact that the expansion of one culture must lead to the shrinking of another.”

Peter Goodchild, historian

  • Martin B

    Multiculturalism is poison.

    • Deliberately introduced at that by own government.

    • Alain

      Whose goal is to eliminate the sovereignty of all Western states. It is not practised in Asia, Africa or in any Muslim land. The wet dream of all globalists.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    What the mayor of Calgary is going say with this comment of hate ?