More EU exits pondered: Why it makes sense for many nation states

From London’s Times,

Former communist states are planning to exploit the fallout of Brexit with a “counter-revolution” designed to block migrant deals and assert the power of national governments over Brussels.

Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, an influential diplomatic European Union bloc known as the Visegrad Group, will lobby together at a summit next week to ensure that national governments are put back in the EU’s driving seat. More.

Reality check: Some insist that these are fascist movements. The accusation misses the point: These countries all have a minority national language contiguous with their borders.

Put simply, they can’t afford to be global melting pots, like the United States. America’s 325 million English speakers are not threatened by a small minority who refuse to speak anything but, say, Basque. The outcome will mainly the Basque speakers’ problem, not the English speakers’ problem.

But if hundreds of thousands of people migrate to an East European country with a minority language and culture, and camp there without assimilating much, their numbers threaten that language and culture.

Consider Quebec or a native Canadian nation: They can’t both retain their language and culture and be global melting pots.

Doubtless fascists will be found in political movements like Visegrad. But in general, these nations’ actions are defensive, not aggressive. They are not seeking to overrun other countries, as fascists do.

It is not even necessary to believe that one’s language and culture are superior (as fascists do). Only to see that it is not in the nation’s interests to allow vast numbers of migrants with a doubtful record of assimilation to just move in.

If Angela Merkel wants to engage in freelance global philanthropy, well, Germany is a big place (81 million), with German well established as a language of science. The Czech Republic (11 million) is in a very different position.

If Merkel does not see the problem, she could be getting some help soon from lower polling numbers in her own country. The whole migrancy scene is due for a serious rethink.

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