Commentator seeks new U.S. political party

From Ron Radosh at PJ Media,

First, the Trump voters in the GOP–many of whom recently entered its ranks—now control the party and its machinery, including the RNC. They will not easily give up the name and the organization. Second, they will have the name of the Republican Party, but they will have already transformed it into a new entity—a populist/nationalist party that resembles anything but the kind of conservative party it once was. It will be the American equivalent of Le Pen’s party in France, or the UK Independence Party in Britain. Traditional conservatives who stay in it will have little or no influence at all.

I believe it will be more fruitful to build a new center-right party with a new name. Such a party will not have all the recent baggage of the Republican Party to defend. This is better than waging a prolonged fight over control of the GOP. Moreover, there are many moderate Democrats who are perturbed that their party has moved far, far to the Left, and that their attempts to move it back to the center have failed miserably. What better evidence for this do we have than Hillary Clinton being forced to change her positions and adopt those favored by Bernie Sanders’ socialist wing? These centrist and conservative Democrats—the remnant of the old Scoop Jackson-Sam Nunn wing of the party–would most likely be open to leaving the Democratic Party and joining with former Republicans in creating a new political party. More.

Reality check: Splitting the vote will really help, that is, mainly help progressives—who know enough to stay together. What unites gays and Islamists? They’ll both vote Democrat, and the gays will know enough not to ask the dread Orlando question: What proportion of Muslim Americans think I should be in jail for gay sex? One can’t help people like them, but in the face of continuing progressive victories, fuelled by rage and resentment, one must strategize how to live a civilized life.

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