Clinton campaign strategy reflects post-national elections

From Victor Davis Hanson at Townhall:

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has kept a relatively low profile for someone who’s running for president. She has not held a press conference in more than nine months, counting on a compliant press to keep giving her a pass on her email scandals.

Her campaign strategy is to agree to occasional one-on-one interviews with pre-selected friendly journalists, and to engage in chitchat on frivolous morning and late-evening TV talk shows. Clinton avoids large rallies, where she often grates rather than enthuses.

The Clinton strategy is to sit on her small lead in the last two months of the race, expecting that the mercurial Donald J. Trump will finally destroy his campaign with another outburst. She apparently assumes that nonstop fundraising, attack ads and an army of staffers will bury the amateurish Trump campaign. More.

Reality check: Clinton is campaigning for the reality that all that counts is a “vote,” whether of a citizen or non-citizen, living or dead, solo votes or numerous ones from the same person. All she needs to do is present a good face under favourable circumstances.

Increasing numbers of voters on her side are voting for their future benefits spooned out by government.  She must merely refrain from frightening them.

See also: Hillary, lies, and the future of the West: Lies that do not threaten entitlements from government do not matter to Hillary voters.

  • k2

    Wow, does she ever look haggard and unwell in that photo. She must feel physically like crap – which makes me wonder why she is bothering to run? Ego? Power hungry? It’s not money, that’s for sure. Hmm, maybe it’s love of country … I’m kidding!

    • It’s all about power and money grants power.

    • Alain

      They need to prop her up long enough to get her in by any means in order for their real pick, the VP, can take over control.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Megalomaniacs want power for power’s sake. She really and truly believes she is 100% entitled to sit on the Throne of America. She believes she was cheated out of it in 2008 by an upstart black man and a media who fell in love with him. And if she has to kill, steal, wage ethnic cleansing. If she has to break every law and the skulls of every American to get it, she’ll do it.

      Some people read MacBeth as a cautionary tale. For her it’s an instruction manual.

  • richfisher

    “Increasing numbers of voters on her side are voting for their future benefits spooned out by government. ”

    Seventy years ago people where shoveling babies into ovens for their government pay cheque. The cheque is the only thing that matters.
    Casting a vote is a lot easier than baby shoveling.
    Ontario for instance, has now gone past the vote-for-a-living tipping point and until the money runs out we’re stuck with the new socialists (Lib NDP).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hillary knows that the election will be fake and rigged. She doesn’t have to campaign. It’s in the bag. All she has to do is make sure that roughly enough people show up on election day so that the lie of her victory sounds vaguely credible. I suspect most of the effort of her campaign now, right now is prepping layers in every voting district to fight any and all calls for a closer examination and recount. There is no way the Dems are going down to another Gore v Bush again. They are never going to rely on ‘votes’ or ‘voters’ at least not where they can cook up a margin of victory wide enough to put all doubts down right away. I’m sure a few will escape their clutches and we’ll here about a few random districts where more votes were cast than people live there, times 3. But with the media on her side they’ll bury that immediately.