Clinton campaign strategy reflects post-national elections

From Victor Davis Hanson at Townhall:

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has kept a relatively low profile for someone who’s running for president. She has not held a press conference in more than nine months, counting on a compliant press to keep giving her a pass on her email scandals.

Her campaign strategy is to agree to occasional one-on-one interviews with pre-selected friendly journalists, and to engage in chitchat on frivolous morning and late-evening TV talk shows. Clinton avoids large rallies, where she often grates rather than enthuses.

The Clinton strategy is to sit on her small lead in the last two months of the race, expecting that the mercurial Donald J. Trump will finally destroy his campaign with another outburst. She apparently assumes that nonstop fundraising, attack ads and an army of staffers will bury the amateurish Trump campaign. More.

Reality check: Clinton is campaigning for the reality that all that counts is a “vote,” whether of a citizen or non-citizen, living or dead, solo votes or numerous ones from the same person. All she needs to do is present a good face under favourable circumstances.

Increasing numbers of voters on her side are voting for their future benefits spooned out by government.  She must merely refrain from frightening them.

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