‘Canadian values’ debate and medieval beliefs

The debate about “Canadian values” — started by Kellie Leitch, one of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party — erupted into the predictable insinuation that she was racist, xenophobic and guilty of the ultimate offence of the times: Islamophobia.

Fortunately, for her, it did not take long for the question of Canadian values clashing head on with medieval beliefs to erupt when the Globe and Mail on Tuesday reported on how a number of Muslim families in Toronto had taken their children out of music classes, insisting they “cannot allow their children to be in the same room where musical instruments are being played.”

  • Waffle

    Let’s not be coy about how what started out as a rational question has degenerated into insanity. So complete has the con job been on Canadians as to what “multiculturalism” really is that the average “Jill” or “Joe” — whose opinions can be heard any day of the week on Talk Radio — that they can be forgiven for confusing the American “melting pot” for the separate tents that have become our new normal.

    • Multicult is a bludgeon used to divide and conquer.