VIDEO: Is Radical Islam in Decline?

Dozens of recent terrorists attacks, a war in Syria and Iraq — is there hope? Watch Daniel Pipes’s original take

The problem remains that Muslims in general, the world over, will if given the opportunity impose the tyranny of Islam and its sharia law on religious and ethnic minorities.

There is not a single Muslim state that does not persecute those unfortunate residents who are of the wrong faith, sect, tribe, ethnicity or gender.

That is the toxic supremacism at the heart of Islam.

Moderate Muslims Cannot Save Us

“…What we call moderation is simply ignoring the violence and hate. But the jihad cannot be removed, it can only be denied by ignoring it. A moderate has the same Allah and Mohammed that a jihadist has.

Moderate Islam is Islam light, Islam ignored. Islam changes Muslims; Muslims can only choose not to practice the dark side of Islam, but they cannot change it or get rid of it. Islamic doctrine is fixed, eternal, unchangeable and forever.”