UN, NGO’s use Islamic State’s ‘Jizya tax’ for Christians to discount violence against them

Christians continue to be slaughtered in the Middle East. But as reports of genocidal atrocities mount up, our governments have found a new reason to sit on their hands. Christians, the theory goes, don’t have it as bad as the Yazidis. As ‘people of the book’, Christians enjoy privileged status. Rather than suffering the full extent of Islamic State’s depravities, they can pay a tax (Jizya) in return for protection. It sounds credible and contains just enough theology to bamboozle the secular population of the international community. Here’s the Office of the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights:

‘While Christian communities still living in Daesh controlled territories live difficult and often precarious existences…their right to exist as Christians within any Islamic State existing at any point in time, is recognised as long as they pay the Jizya tax.

  • Exile1981

    So by that logic we should allow the mob to beat up store owners and demand protection money?

    • That’s what billions to spend produces at the the UN alright.

  • lzzrd

    So, by extension of that logic, if we let them live in our countries, we can tax them? The UN is OK with this right?…..ROTFL……Islam=The religion of lies, violence, slavery and death.

  • tom_billesley

    The UN recognizes dhimmitude.
    For Sharia compliance they should also recognize slavery.