Philanthropy and Black Education

A noble—and poorly understood—American tradition

When hedge-fund manager John Paulson donated $8.5 million last year to Success Academy, a public charter school network in New York City, he acted in a long tradition of America’s wealthiest citizens financing educational opportunities for the less fortunate. Today, this philanthropy brings to mind names like Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and Eli Broad. A century ago, it included Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, J. Pierpont Morgan, George Eastman, and John Wanamaker.

How do they achieve results that the public system can’t?

  • Frances

    It was Anthony Price, in his series of “Dr Audley” books who devised a trust which gave scholarships for promising young people from the Middle East for practical training. As in most novels, the trust blew up, but the premise was still good: provide practical training (as in apprenticeships and the like) for your young people, and you will reap benefits. Given the context of the novel, things went south. However, the premise still stands: what a majority of your young people is not some amorphous college course but a targeted training towards landing them a proper job.

    • simus1

      Arab tribal and class structure when overlaid with a coat of muslim fanaticism do not provide a very compatible learning environment.
      Iran also has this affliction when it comes to their shite masses.
      This tends to explain why much of the modern infrastructure in such places is kept running by religious minorities and expatriates while the owner’s relatives put in a hard two or three hours up in the executive suites before calling it a day.

  • harriet

    these programs attract the most motivated…students AND parents..

    public schools take everyone

    • infedel

      It is white to learn…teach that in Detroit,LA, Miami

      • Clausewitz

        Buffalo. Came up against that when I did my internship in the Public school district.

    • Clausewitz

      The same goes for Charter Schools which was the reason why one of the first things that Obama did once he was elected was to shut down all of the Charter Schools in DC. Payback for his teachers union goons.

      • harriet

        so the racist POS POTUS send his girls to an super white Quaker school

        not for the Obama girls to go to a black school

        or live in a black neighborhood

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “It’s a terrible waste to lose one’s mind.” – Vice-President Quayle addressing the United Negro College Fund.