John McCallum’s National Public Consultation on Immigration Is a Cross Country Sales Pitch and not a National Public Consultation.

John McCallum’s national consultation on immigration is a sales pitch and not a consultation.  I’m convinced the targets are already set and he’s travelling across the country as a public relations stunt.

He wants to fool Canadians into believing they have a say in establishing immigration policy even though it’s apparent John McCallum is primarily consulting with those who he knows will tell him what he wants to hear: the members of the immigration industry and the business lobby. 

  • simus1

    It will be an update of an old time fact free medicine show intended to corral the gullible.

    • Yup, swamp the country with potential liberal votes, but really its about providing their pals with cheap labour.

  • JoKeR

    Remember John knows…..

  • mobuyus

    Drunken shitass fool.

  • Alain

    The only valid public consultation on immigration is a national referendum.