Gavin McInnes: ‘Lena Dunham Killed Phyllis Stewart Schlafly’


As Schlafly was dying, a talk-show host in Australia was complaining about a comment Dunham made in 2005. Apparently, a 19-year-old Dunham wrote in her diary, “I dreamed I was a prostitute and that I molested a little African American rodent.” This is news because young girls find it interesting. They have incredible buying power and thus have undue influence on the economy. Bill Hicks warned us of this decades after Schlafly, but still decades ago. While expressing his horror that Debbie Gibson had the No. 1 album in the country, he asked the audience, “Islena-dunham-11-600x450[1] there that much babysitting money being passed around right now?” There is. After writing little more than a racist dream journal, Dunham got her own movie, then a TV show, and soon after, a $3.7M book deal. This has since become small beans as Amy Schumer was recently gifted at least $8M to write a book. To be clear, men who have been hammering away at a keyboard their whole lives would be very lucky to clear $100K, and if we ever get our own show, we may be able to get to $1M. Eight million dollars simply does not happen to male writers, especially if they have the language at their disposal.