Caterpillar Hires H-1B Foreign Graduates, Fires 300 American Professionals

caterpillar-logoCaterpillar is firing 300 American employees in Mossville, Illinois, even though it is continuing to recruit and pay foreign “H-1B” guest-workers to do the white-collar jobs sought by American professionals in the United States.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    More fodder for Trump. These executives never learn.

  • AmicusC

    300+ more votes for trunp

  • mauser 98

    more Trump votes

  • dukestreet

    Don’t buy Cats anymore.

    • mauser 98

      most Cat production now South Africa , China

      • dukestreet

        They are obviously doing something in the US that required these workers to train foreigners to do what they were doing. Enough reason to boycott them.

  • Cheap labour.

    In a way, the West deserves it. Unions have become powerful and shiftless and many workers expect benefits simply because they roll out of bed each morning. Many of our jobs go to god-awful places that treat people terribly.

    • Clausewitz

      This is what happens when you price yourself out of the competitive market place. Just ask the American Steel workers, oh wait, never mind…….

      • A sibling’s friend did something similar.

        It still beggars the imagination that he trained the guy who replaced him.

  • bob e

    amazement .. bad judgement never stops never stops in America.
    We are facing the end of America .. plain as day. The end. When
    hilly gets in we will know less of what is happening in reality than we do now with
    Barry Ofraud, the first black, faggot, muslim street pimp president who has devoted his entire life to bringing down America ..

  • BillyHW

    H-1B is nothing but a sellout of our best and brightest.