Car packed with explosive gas cylinders is found at Notre Dame cathedral, police arrest ‘radicalised’ vehicle owner

The ‘radicalised’ owner of a car found packed with gas cylinders close to Notre Dame cathedral has been arrested, police have revealed.

The vehicle, a Peugot 607 without a licence plate, was found with its hazard lights flashing close to the landmark building in the heart of the French capital.

Documents with writing in Arabic were also found in the car.

Police say the car’s owner, who is now in custody, is on an intelligence services watchlist of people suspected of religious radicalisation.

Update – the jihadi is a woman

Very quickly, the investigators trace back the owner of the track, in Seine-Saint-Denis. This indicates his eldest daughter, 19, probably part with his car while she warned her father that she would spend the weekend with a friend. The father told the police that his daughter is “radicalized” and she tried to join jihadist combat areas. If the father is unknown to the police, her daughter is stuck S, is also stuck by the police.

  • Clink9

    Think of all the islamophobia this will cause. #backlash.

    • I am horrified at the prospect.

      • Clink9

        It’s all that matters.

    • K1

      Neil Sadaka is Turkish …soooo…. wouldn’t this principal be of Turkish origin?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I see that the French Gendarme are packing Ruger Mini-14s….

    • Slickfoot

      I noticed that too, they are a crap rifle but no doubt better than that silly ‘bugle’ thing the military got stuck with.

    • caliroxanne

      Better than the Chauchat.

  • Dana Garcia

    When the Nazis occupied Paris during WWII, they enjoyed the place more or less.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Eventually someone will burn down the Louvre and it will be the liberals cheering loudest, after the Muslims of course.

  • Clink9

    I was just there in May. No armed guards of barricades.

    There was a table as you entered the church for scanning people and bags.

  • caliroxanne

    Can we knock it off with the ‘radicalised’ nonsense. This is Islam. I’ve posted these images before, but please spread them and try educating the fools who keep trying to tell us that this isn’t Islam or it has nothing to do with Islam.