Allegation of ‘Islamophobia’ seems silly

As if Islamist propaganda in our schools wasn’t enough, the York Region School Board is now investigating allegations by one unidentified “community member” that an elementary school principal put “anti-Muslim” posts on her Facebook page.

The story was flashed across the Toronto Star as its main online headline Tuesday.

In much of urban Canada, schools permit Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islamist student groups to push their agenda among students.

  • ismiselemeas

    This is the start, along with the hijabi who was attacked by own of her own in London, of the ME religious/civil war in our front yard. Pretty soon Copts and muslims will be full on street fighting in Mississauga. Hindus, Sikhs and muslims will be at it as well.

    • mobuyus

      I like your new word islamofuckoffia.

      • ismiselemeas

        You heard it here first.

    • It’s true, Islam is a violent supremacist cult and when the numbers reach a tipping point as we are witnessing in Europe that violence will only escalate.

      No Muslim nation is peaceful.

    • moraywatson

      That’s a t-shirt !

  • jt

    I was told not that long ago by someone who worked with a extreme left group that he has made up claims of anti muslim posts etc the reason there group has a agenda to make Islamophobia a criminal act but at the same time they want honour crimes removed from the criminal code.

    • The left is nothing but a bunch of traitorous crybabies. They wouldn’t even know a good deal (Western Civilization) while enjoying it.

      The Islamonazis are a bunch of brainwashed fools who believe a 7th century child peodophile murdering thug, was a phrophet.

      What a combo of idiots.

  • k1

    Neil Sadaka is Turkish …. sooooo… the principal I presume is of Turkish origin

    • Clink9
    • marty_p

      Neil Sedaka is Jewish – Father Sephardic from Turkey – Mother Eastern European Ashkenazi.