5 takeaways from Trump and Clinton’s military forum

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton appeared at the first forum of the general election cycle on Wednesday, and were both forced to play defense as they tried to convince veterans and voters why they deserve to be in charge of the military.

Each had just 30 minutes to field questions from moderator Matt Lauer and veterans in the audience, who wasted no time pressing the candidates on their former and current stances on military and veterans issues, national security and past controversies.

Here are five takeaways from NBC News’ “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on national security

  • bob e

    did this hag not sit there again & tell us there were no confidential markings
    on the messaging ?? and that thousands of people used them.
    I cannot watch Fraud-line Hilly or these on your knees press people ..
    another second.
    Terrible how they treat Mr Trump . .

    • This confirms that Hillary is not fit to be president.