York Region District School Board Launches Islamophobia Witchhunt Against School Principal

As gleefully reported by the Dhimmi Toronto Star….

The York Region District School Board is investigating allegations that an elementary school principal put anti-Muslim posts on her Facebook page.

A spokesman for the board said it was aware of concerns raised by a community member about public postings on a Facebook page under the name Ghada Sadaka. Sadaka is identified as a principal in the York board on the page.

Some of the Facebook posts the principal is alleged to have shared and commented on include: videos purportedly showing violent “Muslim takeovers” of Paris and London; articles expressing concerns around bringing refugees to Canada, given their “terrorist sympathies”; and another headlined: “Must see: Dutch mayor tells fellow Muslims they can f—— if they don’t like freedom.”

Behold the horror of Islamophobia! h/t OJ

York Schoolboard principal Islamophobic

  • FactsWillOut

    If churches, synagogues and temples are banned in Saudi Arabia, mosques should be banned in the west.

  • ontario john

    How long before we have blasphemy laws in Ontario?

    • Clink9

      We kind of do already. Just for one “religion”.

  • Jake Martin

    What non believer is investigating this blasphemy insult to the swine Muhammad? You are sentenced to frying bacon in Mecca for the pilgrims.

    • Amen.

      • ontario john

        The media is reporting that everyone going to haj in Mecca will be issued electronic wrist bands. No word on whether the first three digits on the bands will be 666

  • canminuteman

    One more reason to stay off facebook. When the revolution comes the SJWs will be hunting down anyone who wrongthinked on facebook,