Europe, Britain and America’s Fading Primacy

Who wants to be policeman of the world in the twenty-first century? America has tried the role, bless it, and the results have yielded little joy. The greatest military machine mankind has ever seen can’t seem to win a war. The conflicts in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq all proved to be great wastes of American treasure and blood. Even the apparently successful U.S.-led interventions, such as in Libya in 2011, have led to disaster. What the historian Andrew J. Bacevich calls America’s “War for the Greater Middle East” has proved to be its unmaking as the world’s undisputed superpower. America’s quest to spread its freedom, abundance and security has ended up reducing its freedom, abundance and security.

  • Even if Obama wasn’t such a numbnuts, the end of Pax Americana was inevitable. No empire can keep going. That is why it is imperative to make sure (if possible) that the next empire is one that one can live with.

    Pax China?

    We’re done for.

  • ntt1

    America stopped waging total war and allowed the effete political class to limit terms of engagement. as progressivism ate into the moral fibre of the country losses grew as politicians became more passive. No bureaucrat ever won a war but they did lose a whole bunch.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      As Gen. MacArthur said, “There is no substitute for victory.” In the aftermath of 9/11, we Americans rallied around the flag ready to take up arms. We might even have accepted a return of the draft. But instead of pushing through a declaration of war, Bush asked Congress for a half-assed resolution. Instead of asking us to make sacrifices for victory, he told us to leave it to the government pros. Instead of mobilizing allies through a formal agreement, he maintained the same flaccid associations that had prevailed prior. Nothing would impede the greed of the globalists.

      • JPfromtheeast

        The minute that Truman blinked and they didn’t just go in and clean out China and Russia, it was over.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Thanks to progressives.

  • J. C.

    No need to police the world, but for the love of God, let’s at least defend our own borders, people, and cultures!!!

  • Jay Currie

    There never was an American empire. Empires are about ownership and rule. While Americans were set up to Rule – Vietnam, Iraq – they never claimed the territory. It is just not what Americans do.

    Nor are Americans very good at the real harshness that Empires require.

    These are, in fact, virtues. Virtues which, with a bit of luck, are going to seed first the solar system and then beyond. America works best with a frontier. Now it has one. Heinlien wrote about “the Crazy Years” and who can fail to see how uncanny he was. Trump vs Hilly? An open southern border? Transgendered school children?

    America is an idea. It will continue but probably not on this planet.

  • Jim Horne

    America’s political class has always handcuffed its military in prosecuting wars and insurrection. That and that alone is the reason for America’s military failures. What needs to done to win wars cannot even be discussed by squeamish political class.

    • Slickfoot

      Americans were not so squeamish once upon a time:

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let it all descend into genocidal Dark Ages anarchy. Then they get back to us and let us know how they feel about it.