Corsica rekindles France burkini row as court upholds ban over ‘security concerns’ following beach brawl

A court in Corsica has upheld a ban on the burkini “on security grounds”, in the first such ruling since France’s highest administrative court overturned another decree banning the body covering swimsuit.

The administrative court of Bastia on the Mediterranean island rejected a request by the Human Rights League to annul a ban on wearing the garment in the Corsican resort of Sisco.

The village’s mayor had issued the decree the day after a fight broke out between three Moroccan residents and other locals mid-August. Initial reports suggested a woman had been bathing with a burkini, but these later proved false.

  • andycanuck

    It would be racist to disagree with ISIS banning burqas for security reasons!

  • Alain

    Good but the real and biggest security concern is the very presence of Muslims.

  • Justin St.Denis

    As I predicted, Corsicans are essentially telling the French federal government to fuck off. And they will continue to do so. And they will likely prevail.

  • Manual Paleologos

    Who cares what they wear. You can’t hide anything under a burkini. How little clothes do you have to wear to be beach legal? Can you wear a raincoat? How about a wet suit.

    The answer is to come down like a ton of angry pigs on scum who harass beach goers.