Certain members of Canada’s alleged conservative party should pay attention to this…

Is this too radical for you Rona?

This speech is by a mainstream Dutch politican, health minister Edith Schippers.

Unlike you and your virtue signaling pals Rona she isn’t afraid to tell the truth. Now take your “values” and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

Schippers speech: stand up for freedom, against radical political Islam

‘It is time that we – all Dutch people who love our culture, freedom and social contract – stand up to actively defend our achievements,’ she said, giving the prestigious Hendrik Jan Schoolezing speech in Amsterdam.

She warned that fundamental rights are at stake, particularly of gay men, transgender people and women, ‘including Muslim women who are trying to win more freedom,’ reports the Volkskrant.

Schippers, a member of the VVD Liberal party, said she decided to talk about political freedom rather than health due to her fears about the society her 11-year-old daughter is growing up in, where ‘we have confused tolerance with indifference.’

She said instead of debating whether or not women should or should not wear headscarves or burkinis, we should focus on freedom for all. She warned of ‘creeping self-censorship’ in schools where teachers no longer dare to be openly homosexual and the Holocaust cannot be discussed. ‘Who still dares to write books critical of Islam, draw cartoons or make films?’ she said. ‘Cultures are colliding. This is where our society’s core values are insidiously affected.’

Schippers proposed blocking money from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran to Dutch Islamic schools and mosques, promoting the rights of Muslim women who feel ‘trapped and unable to work’ and tackling inequality issues head on rather than banning organisations and closing borders.

  • Blazingcatfur

    Testing 123

  • Jim Horne

    Canada’s elite, the definition of spineless.

    Allegation of ‘Islamophobia’ seems silly

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Conservative Party?? Piffle. We don’t have one. In much the same way as Republicans in the US sold their soul to business, Canada and the TFW was the turning point from Canada first to post national.

  • john700

    Hey, Schippers talks like that because her party is scared of the coming elections, in which Wilders’ party might win the largest share of the vote.

    • Well at least she had the courage to say it. The Overton window has moved.

      • Alain

        Indeed which is far more than any of our career politicians of any party and at any level of government. For that alone she deserves praise.

      • john700

        I remember Sarkozy playing the tough guy before he was elected. After he was elected, he did the opposite. Now he’s back at it again. Would the French take the bait again?

  • Ghost Tiger

    Conservative movement is dead. Long live the Alt Right.