A Brave Letter from a French-Moroccan Charlie Hebdo Journalist

‘You always obtained your rights in French, and yet you hate this country.’

‘Your supposed identity, which you think you have lost and which has made you undertake this quest, is also mine.” So states Zineb El Rhazoui, a French-Moroccan journalist in an open letter to potential French jihadists published in Le Figaro late last month. The letter, addressed to a fictional “candidate for jihad” chastises the growing population of radicalized, French-born Muslims who, she asserts, are misguided in their sense of exclusion. “You have made your battle against racism not into a fight for universal human rights, to erase the differences between citizens of the same country, but into a petty struggle,” she writes.

  • Trying to rationalize with people brainwashed by Islam does not work.

    • Besides they are settlers, not immigrants, Islam demands the implementation of Sharia.

      • caliroxanne

        Yes, it’s hijra. Conquest via immigration/invasion aka immigration jihad.

  • caliroxanne

    This “exclusion” is just another cover and excuse for Islam. Oh, it’s the “we need to do a better job integrating them” b.s. There are many non-Muslims, in France and elsewhere in Europe and the West, who are also non-White and/or non-Christian, may be poor or 3rd World, possibly not well integrated and may be on the peripheries of society. They, however, unlike the Muslims, don’t go around blowing sh*t up and slaughtering others. It’s only Muslims because it is a central, integral part of Islam. Furthermore, look at how often these Muslims terrorists are actually doctors, engineers, or otherwise wealthy and well funded from various Islamic countries and entities.

  • simus1

    When history is studied, you can often see the outlines of major conflicts that stem from a disconnect between how the populations of a newly united and modernized nation like Germany or Japan see themselves and how longer united, more powerful nations view them.Correcting perceptions on both sides can be a bloody and very expensive business for all concerned.
    Now in the 21st century we move on to extended conflicts with what are essentially low IQ barbarian tribes believing the earth is flat as an article of faith, not reason. Our cowardly leaders/ elites have a use for such people and it will not end well for most of us ordinary folks when their plans are implemented.