Spring Cleaning in Molenbeek: 90 Muslim associations closed down including 3 Mosques

Note, Google Translate – Spring Cleaning in Molenbeek: nearly 90 associations dismantled for their links with Islamism

No fewer than 90 associations were dissolved in the commune of Molenbeek and dozens of investigations are still ongoing in the context of the fight against Islamism. The city has about 1,570 sports and cultural associations.

In 2014, the Attorney General of Brussels Johan Delmulle Belfi launched the project. The goal? Go hunting social fraud committed by Belgian nationals parties to Syria and carry out inspections in the various associations close to jihadist networks.

This Friday, September 2, the result of these investigations was presented to the press: eight operations have control of Molenbeek 26 places, including cafes, sports clubs, shops, mosques and Koranic schools. Of these, 17 were not in order and three mosques and an underground school were closed.

In all, nearly 90 non-profit associations that have been dissolved by the Belgian authorities.

  • MathewMathew

    Problem is they’ve already been radicalized, too little too late…

    • Editor

      Probably. They may close down physical locations and meeting places, but the networks and connections remain. How do you dismantle that?

      • Blacksmith

        Lead injections?

        • Slickfoot

          Putting some of the more vocal shit disturbers’s heads on stakes would be a damn good start.

        • Editor

          As effective as that would be, I really doubt Europeans have the stomach for it yet. Although Merkel’s party came in last in this weekend’s regional election in Mecklenberg-Vorpommern, the centre-left SPD took 30.5% of the vote and AfD took 20.9%. Amazing for a party only that’s only 3 years old but still not “get the pitchforks” numbers. The French have started timidly booing their leaders as happened in Nice when PM Manuel Valls told citizens to pretty much get used to terrorist attacks and that ” many more innocents will die” . It’s a start but I think we’re a long way from more forceful, either grassroots or governmental, solutions.

      • MathewMathew

        Jihadists will also see this “crackdown” as a tipping point, where political Jihad ( persuasion, and recruitment) turns into Jihad of the sword. I can see the impatient Jihadists, thinking there’s no better time than now.

      • MathewMathew

        Hope I’m wrong..

  • Dana Garcia

    Nice but only mass deports will help.

  • Frances

    Not closed down – just driven underground.

    • They’re just scratching the surface I bet.

    • stubb

      Not even underground, just elsewhere.

  • stubb

    “In all, nearly 90 non-profit associations that have been dissolved by the Belgian authorities.” Which will immediately pop up again in other forms and locations.

    The sole solution to the problems caused by Muslims in Europe is to permanently remove all Muslims. This will never happen. Therefore, the situation will steadily worsen as the muslim population continues to explode exponentially. Civil war is inevitable, assuming that we have the testicular fortitude to begin fighting back at some point.

  • stubb

    Europeans were once pretty good at cutting off heads and boiling people in tar themselves. I shudder to think of the coming wars. It’s not going to be pretty.