‘Islam is evil’ Hairdresser facing jail for throwing hijab-clad woman out of salon

Merete Hodne, who runs a salon in Bryne, south west in Norway, told Tv2: “I fear the totalitarian symbol of the hijab which says that I should be killed, and for me it is quite unnatural to provide good service in my situation.

“As most people know hijab clad woman do not get to show their hair to men. My salon is a man and women’s hair salon.

“It would have been deeply discriminatory if I had banished men from the lounge because of a woman who could not show her hair to them.”

The hairdresser was initially fined £800 by the police, but as the activist, who has spent years campaigning against the “Mohammedanism of Europe”, refused to pay she now has to appear in court.

h/t JEH

  • Daviddowntown

    “We only want to cure our country of a few illnesses,” the new Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, told a German newspaper in January.
    Most Poles, he said, are moved by “tradition, historical awareness, love of country, faith in God, and a normal family life between a woman and a man.” But the previous government acted “as if the world, in a Marxist fashion, were destined to
    evolve only in one direction—towards a new mix of cultures and races, a world of bicyclists and vegetarians, who only use renewable energy and who
    battle all signs of religion.

    I think you can substitute Christianity for the last word.

  • BillyHW

    How much do you want to bet that she still voted for all the piece of shit politicians who let these parasite invaders into our countries. And will do so again.

  • ontario john

    Everyone must bow down to the worlds most important religion.

  • DMB

    Even if the hijab wearing women wasn’t forced to leave the salon she would have filed a “hate crime” complaint because she would have been told by the hair dresser that she would have had to remove her hijab. How else would she be able to have her hair cut unless she removed it. The Salon was clearly targeted by a Muslim opportunist looking for extortion money under the false pretense of a “hate crime”.

  • bargogx1

    Good for her. She clearly understands what’s at stake. The Muslima of course whines and claims victimhood.

  • WalterBannon

    The 24-year-old said: “It was very offensive. It is disturbing that she treats people this way in a free country. Norway is my country.

    Hmm. This muslim has a strange definition of a free country if a business owner does not have the right to decide who they will or will not conduct business with. Now that is very offensive.

  • QiPo

    Brava, madam, Brava! Would that the EU and European men would find in themselves a portion of your backbone to stiffen the Gummiworm version we too often witness.

  • Faqi

    Good for her for standing up to this nonesense by the islamists. Let them cut their hair in an islamic saloon, this is nothing but a set up to get people in trouble. Wherever islamists go they create problems. The idea of perpetual conflict between muslims and non-muslims is backed / encouraged / instigated by their koran, hadith and shariah. I am merely re-exposing it so that non-muslims do not become lulled. Islam will not give peace till it has decimated, enslaved and exterminated the non-muslims, and after that too islam will not bring any peace because of islam’s internal contradictions, ambiguities, primitivism and idiocies.“