Dutch Minister: Our culture is better than others

Why don’t we have politicians who will speak as frankly as this?  Note – Google Translate.

THE HAGUE – Minister Schippers (Health) found that the Dutch culture “much better” than all other cultures. That said the VVD politician tonight in Amsterdam, where she held the HJ Schoo lecture.

Schippers praises the Dutch culture, especially since women, gay and transgender people can be here who they are. She is proud of the Dutch freedoms, safety and economic opportunities that our culture offers us.

The politician considers it highly important that we not let our ears too much hanging in the Netherlands to other cultures. As an example, she cites the refusal of some Muslim men to shake women’s hands. Boaters will find it a bad thing that there are people who think that it must be tolerated as it once is well ingrained in certain cultures and all cultures should be equivalent.

“I think a terrible mistake,” the minister said in the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. “Frits Bolkestein said it all in the nineties: all cultures are not equal. And I say it after him. Our culture is a lot better than any other I know. At least for women. At least for the gay or transsexual. At least for people who do not belong to the group of those in power. For people who do not adhere to the dominant religion. ”

Boaters also considers it appalling that in some areas a generation of boys growing up that is more conservative than their parents. And that their children learn Dutch parents born in the Netherlands. Also, there will be recruited for ‘violent poison, “they can not stomach in Dutch neighborhoods.

As a solution, the VVD politician contributes to are all ‘freedom to form coalition one. A coalition fighting for ‘our culture and our freedoms. ” It is time that we defend this asset. We will have to make our voice heard. Before it’s too late. As we make our freedom so far as we accept that others undermine, we can lose it in an instant. “

  • I wouldn’t argue that dope-smoking, sexually perverse Dutch culture is superior to all others but it’s not Islamist culture so there’s that.

    • ntt1

      sand monkeys don’t even wear shoes; the Dutch on the other hand invented wooden clogs or sabots useful to ned ludds followers for jamming gears in the satanic mills hence sabotage.. so there is that.

      • Wasn’t that the French?

        • ntt1

          While the Dutch did popularize wooden shoes they were very common among northern Brits and yes the french Ned Ludd got the idea of pitching a sabot into the gear race to bugger things up .hemet a brutal end eventually even if he was right

    • Editor

      I’d still rather live in the “dope-smoking, sexually perverse Dutch culture” than under sharia law though. Especially the dope-smoking. The Dutch won’t behead you if you don’t partake in the dope-smoking and sexual perversion. islam on the other hand . . .