UK courts should be able to issue Islamic divorces, sharia expert says

British courts should be able to issue Islamic divorces via a specialised unit set up to protect the rights of Muslim women, a leading expert in sharia law will advise a House of Commons inquiry.

In recommendations to the home affairs select committee, Elham Manea, associate professor in Middle East studies at Zurich University, will also argue for mandatory civil marriages alongside religious ceremonies, and say imams who violate the rules should be given harsh sanctions.

…She is calling for a national campaign to register all Islamic marriages, a move she says will reveal many polygamous unions. Manea, who is Muslim and a women’s rights campaigner, is concerned about the way in which polygamy is being mainstreamed in the UK.

Evidence to the inquiry claims the ideology behind many of Britain’s sharia councils condones wife beating, marital rape and child marriage. Nus Ghani, who sits on the home affairs select committee and initially pushed for the inquiry, said: “Under sharia, men are in charge and women are treated as their property. That does not sit well under British law and cannot go unchallenged.

“We can’t have a system where we are championing equality for women on one hand and but on the other overlooking a whole section of society – vulnerable women who happen to be Muslim.”

She may be well intentioned but the real answer is to ban barbaric Islamic practices and severely punish the 5th columnists in the fashion of Sir Charles James Napier.