Oh No! Calais refugee camp running out of food amid donor fatigue

Charities are warning that they no longer have enough donated food or money to feed the rapidly growing population of refugees in the camp in Calais, with supplies running out on a daily basis and migrants reporting they are going hungry.

“A few months ago, there would be a maximum of 70 people in the lines; now we have 500 people queuing. We started running out of food about three weeks ago,” said Marie Eisendick, who has helped run the Refugee Community Kitchen since the beginning of the year.

This makes sense, feed them so they’ll have the energy to attack you; Migrants are building up to THIRTY barricades EVERY night in Calais to trap lorry drivers and sneak into the UK as disorder escalates

  • tom_billesley

    You bomb them, shoot them, knife them, cut the throats of their priests and run them over with trucks, and they stop donating. I can’t understand the French. Not very hospitable.

    • I bet a lot of those donations come from Britain.

      • tom_billesley

        Many of the “No Borders” gang do.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure we will get heart breaking stories from the Canadian media to bring them here. It’s the Sunny Ways thing to do.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    $750 Fine in Thunder Bay if you feed a squirrel, crow, seagull, etc… And rats, of course.

    • stubb

      Not even squirrels?! But they’re so cute and perky! I’ll feed any squirrel I damn well want to.

  • ntt1

    the roman empire had castles or fortified lodging every 20 miles on the routes south , many are now hostels or hotels.
    lets revisit this idea with feeding camps every 15-20 miles south to help the migrants repatriate themselves when calais and other towns will no longer put up with their violence.hunger is a strong imperative, once a migrant has rested and fed then he should be forced to continue south toward turkey.

  • Spatchcocked

    They act as though it’s a logistical impossibility…..your army’s orders are to surround them….disarm them….secure them…take them to a holding facility….arrange suitable transport by ship where the miscreants are embarked under guard to Libya.
    The navy and overwhelming air support escort the ship to a suitable port in Libya and offload the illegal lawbreaking invaders. I reckon two weeks start to finish.

    Rinse and repeat.