Muslims receive preferential treatment from Wynne government

The Wynne government will allow Muslim dominant schools to teach a watered down version of the Sex Ed Curriculum.

This is not a surprise in fact it was expected.

The Wynne government also allows the practice of Sharia law in Ontario’s allegedly secular school system.

You can watch the video report here.

h/t TC

  • simus1

    It is a simple concept from the muslim point of view:
    Screw with us and we will open our own schools and hire our own teachers.

    Besides, GLLKDW’s jihad is against white recalcitrant Christians for the most part, so why bother even pretending to be fair and even handed ?

    • That is exactly how events unfolded.

      • Clausewitz

        Funny that this will be the first school exempt from Wynne’s sexual fantasy curriculum. Tell me again what the make up of the student body is again.

    • tom_billesley

      That’d be “screw with us and we’ll demand that you give us land, school buildings and cash with no auditing”.

  • This is a recipe for disaster.

    This will all fall apart.

    Just wait for it.

    • Alain

      Yes, it certainly is. The real recipe for disaster is the elimination of the rule of law. Either the same law applies equally to all, or it is a law that is useless and does not warrant respect or obedience from anyone. This isn’t new, as we have seen it with “first nations”, eco-fascists and other ethnic groups. In BC they passed a law requiring that all cyclists wear a helmet, but low and behold Sikhs were exempt. Turbans, you know. The law itself is silly and just more government meddling and actually does not save lives or serious head injuries for cyclists. However it should apply equally to all or not exist.

      • Wilmaccrouch4

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      • The thing is that Islamist are never satisfied. They get exemptions today but will ask for more tomorrow.

  • Canadian Born

    Why are we letting this happen? If it applies to one it applies to all. Please phone your MPP and complain.

    • I wish they would listen, but they won’t.

      • BillyHW

        They are too busy shoving new and wondrous things up their asses.

  • BillyHW

    So Catholics can’t teach Catholicism in Catholic school, but muslims can take over and implement sharia in public schools. Well done Liberals!

    • SMC_BC

      One of my relatives (can’t be specific for obvious reasons) is a principal at a Catholic school somewhere in Ontario. When I asked him/her/it how he/she/it handles Wynne’s sex-ed program at the school he/she/it said they ignore it.

      I hope all Catholic schools do the same thing but we’ll never know.

      • BillyHW

        That’s encouraging to hear.

    • Gary

      There was a recent case where Muslim parents enrolled their daughter in a catholic school and then filed a complaint that their children shouldn’t be forced to take religious classes to learn the Bible.
      But it didn’t end there , they filed a Human Rights complaint to demand a prayer room for their child in the catholic school because Christians got to have a prayer room.

      Nothing these 10th century barbarian and rabid savages touch ever turns out a good product top make the world better.

      There are lots of utopic islamic hell-holes these muslims can go to , stop turning Canada into a 3rd world sewer run by sharia with sanctioned pedophilia and wife-beating .

  • Gary

    Let’s not fail to give Barbra Hall the credit too because she and the TDSB along with McGuinty had to conspire to violate the Education Act while knowing that Imam’s will spew jew-hatred and homophobia via Quranic verses that call muslims to kill gays and the 6,000,000,000 unbelievers currently on Earth if they don’t convert.
    McGuinty wanted to secure the MPP seat for Wynne so his corruption and election fraud could go on . The Liberals gave the OPP their 8.33% raise which explains why these treasonous weasels will not see even 1 day in a court room.

  • Jay Currie

    I like the idea that people get to pick the laws which apply to them if they are in the right sort of “special” group. Of course there really is only one special group.

    I note the feminists and queer activists are taking this lying down.

    Another item for the “why we home school” folder.