Mother Teresa has been proclaimed a saint

Mother Teresa has been proclaimed a saint by Pope Francis in front of 100,000 Catholics this morning.

Not everyone is enthused… Mother Teresa’s legacy under cloud as sainthood nears

  • ontario john

    Of course the leftist media elites are outraged at her being named a saint, especially the Toronto Star. The media is upset that she converted people to the Christian faith. The horror!! The Star even had a story by born again socialist Michael Coren on how evil she is. And Coren should know, he spent decades working in the slums of Toronto bringing comfort to the downtrodden homosexual community.

    • Did he really? My God.

    • Gareth

      I’m guessing you haven’t actually examined the evidence against her. It is well documented and very compelling. If you are not interested, fine, but you really shouldn’t cast aspersions at those who have taken the time to look at the evidence until you have done so.
      Most people are not upset about her converting people, they are upset that while glorifying poverty and suffering (“the suffering of the poor is something very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by the nobility of this example of misery and suffering” Mother Teresa) she lived like a queen, palling around with celebrities and third world despots. She is a fraud. The media you disparriage actually did little to expose her and has generally provided cover.

  • H

    If you found yourself ill or even dying, who would you rather have look after you? Germaine Greer, Chris Hitchens, or any of those types of “intellectuals” … or Mother Teresa?

    Personally, and maybe I’m naive about this, but I really find it hard to believe that these people, if they’re fully honest with themselves, and even if they disagree with her proselytising or with her beliefs, believe in their heart of hearts that she was dishonest and a phony. She did what she did because she fully believed (perhaps wrongly, perhaps not) that what she was doing was good and right. She tried to help others because that is what is asked of Christians: is that so hard to understand? For many people in today’s jaded and corrupt world, it is.

    • Gareth

      Actually, given her views on pain and suffering, she is one of the last people you would want looking after you. She didn’t really try to help others in a way that most people would understand it. She believed pain and suffering are beautiful and noble. So, while it is possible she wanted to “help” people get to heaven eventually, she really wasn’t interested in helping poor suffering people improve their lot on earth.
      The evidence against her (start with her own words) is pretty compelling, if you would actually take the time. I don’t expect you to take my word for it. It appears from your comment, and others here, that you don’t really know what the main arguments against her even are, yet you happily take a strong opinion based on what “team” someone is on. This is the same shit the left does with Hillary clinton. They refuse to consider damning evidence, then write off the source. Not cool in my opinion.
      If you do a bit of reading, even from sympathetic sources, you will change your tune about getting treated by her. You would rather have Christopher Hitchens (PBUH) drive you to a western hospital, rather than be “treated” by Teresa’s staff, unless you are some kind of masochist.

      • Clink9

        On average, better than Kathleen Wynne. That’s all we can hope for these days.

        • Gareth

          Wynne sets a low bar to be sure, but not that low… yet. I don’t live in ontario, it’s you guys that keep electing the libs.
          “Democracy is the theory that every man knows what he wants and deserves to get it good and hard.” HL Mencken.

          • Clink9

            Wynette is as bad as it gets. I’ve never voted lib in my life.

  • Waffle

    She accepted donations from thieves and criminals. That alone should qualify her for sainthood.

  • canminuteman

    Mother Teresa is the arc typical fundamentalist christian.

  • terrence22

    I expect Pope Frankie will be making Al Gore a saint sometime soon

  • ismiselemeas

    She was nothing but a fraud. Pure and simple.

  • Gareth

    Putting aside what “treatments”/conditions were on offer or not, I’m curious if any of Teresa’s defenders can tell me what words or phrases they might use to describe someone who derives pleasure from the pain and suffering of others? She clearly felt this way, and said so.

    • Minicapt

      … a “Gareth”. You should have stopped after your first comment.


  • Samuel Q-L

    Here would be an interesting Scenario:
    “Mother Teresa Has Been Proclaimed A Saint”
    Albania: Oh I’m so proud!
    Macedonia FYR: Um?
    Albania: Yeah she was like one of the most famous Albanians ever.
    Macedonia FYR: But she was born here..
    Albania: but she was Albanian
    Macedonia: SHE WAS BORN HERE!
    *fighting breaks out*
    India: she died here..
    Albania & Macedonia: SHUT UP INDIA!
    yea i guess not everyone would be enthused..

  • Barrington Minge

    Like I care….NOT!!!
    Religious mumbo jumbo…glad to be Athiest