Marine Le Pen promises an Islamic crackdown and a ‘Frexit’ referendum

France could follow Britain out of the European Union after Marine Le Pen promised a similar referendum if she is elected president.

The leader of France’s far-right National Front set the tone for her French presidency campaign by calling to fight an Islamist ‘offensive’ and take the country to the polls over EU membership if she is elected next spring.

At a rally in a small eastern village, Ms Le Pen focused on her favourite issues, such as national sovereignty, immigration control, Islamism and what she calls ‘savage globalisation’.

  • simus1

    Allons – y Marine !!

  • ontario john

    According to the media the anti immigrant parties are surging ahead in state elections in Germany today. And Merkel’s party is running third.

  • Spatchcocked

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  • Spatchcocked


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    Even if the Frogs vote Frexit, and the Krauts vote Drexit it might be too late for them. They have so many of these parasitic goat herders in their countries already that they are demographically screwed. The Muzz males (They are not “men”) will bring their pussy from the M.E. sandbox, or enslave the girls of the host country. They will out breed the indigenous host country’s population in two generations. Civil war in Europe by 2070.

  • Brown

    Wouldn’t it be “Frortie”, not “Frexit”?