Isis ‘cut off from rest of world’ as rebels expel Islamists from Turkish border

Isis has lost control of its last territories on the border with Turkey, monitoring groups say, in a major blow to the group’s ability to receive foreign fighters from the rest of the world.

Speaking to The Independent, a spokesperson for the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Isis had conceded control of its last two villages on the border, retreating to positions around 7-8km to the south.

It completes an operation to take control of the area by the rebel Free Syrian Army, backed by a Turkish ground offensive that began at the town of Jarablus on 24 August.

  • simus1

    Somewhat bizarre logic considering that isis controlled real estate is now adjacent to the syrian turkmen (erdogan stooges) newly held ground just inside the syrian border instead of isis being right beside turkish sovereign lands. isis still requires turkish connivance at every level when they need to do anything beyond taking a dump.