Sensitivity training to cope with student twaumas

You know the sort of thing: The horror when the little asshat discovers that he must learn from a prof who has no use for his conflicted barrel of inner merde.

From Salvo:

Maybe it all started years ago with Sensitivity Training. Does Sensitivity Training mean learning in how to show more altruistic sensitivity in response to the feelings of other people? Or how to increase your own touchy, sensitive, emotional responses to the words, thoughts, gestures, or actions of others?More.

Reality check: The latter of course. I think the problem originates in the – in itself laudable – desire to create more social equality by encouraging more people to go to university.

The problem is that many not-especially-intellectual people are genuinely distressed by intellectual disagreement. They spend all their lives in conformist cliques and experience conflict of ideas as an assault.

It’s not fun for them; it makes them miserable. And they want something done about it. They are ready prey for progressive activists.

The actual solution is: Go to a trade school instead. They’ll teach you to make a living and you won’t feel so threatened.

Ah, but then the university would lose the tuition and grant money. Tht’s the principle reason this circus continues.

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