Mashable warns us against uncensored news

From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media,

Just days after removing editors from curating Trending Topics, Facebook’s news-driven section surfaced a fake story about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

This is just about a worst-case scenario for Facebook, which had previously been battling allegations that its Trending editors had discriminated against conservative news outlets.

Facebook removed the article after a few hours.


Rubbish, specifically, in support of progressive censorship “for our own good.”

Mashables, I have a horrifying scandal for you to take up. The checkout counter at my local grocery store features magazines alleging that Prince Charles had Princess Diana murdered and that Hillary Clinton is dying. But don’t get involved. The only form of censorship needed is that no one takes these people seriously.

Now, algorithms are running almost the entire thing. The headlines are gone, and so are the editors, having reportedly been laid off.

Those editors also served as something of quality control, making sure the news section was stocked with topics that made sense and were legitimate. They even operated based on an extensive list of media outlets. More.

If progressive bias is what we mean by quality control, I guess the algorithms will need to be adjusted.

Reality check: Incidentally, from Rachel Alexander:

Democrats Planting Radical Fake Conservative News Sites

By posting these ostentatious stories, the sites attract many page views, which allows them to make money from advertisers. Even more nefarious, some are run by Democrats in order to make conservatives look like radical extremists. The strategy, an insider told me, is to fool so many conservatives into spreading a ridiculous, fake article that finally a prominent elected official falls for it. Then the left pounces on the official and makes them look foolish and/or an extremist.

As I’ve written previously, putting out heroic stories about Donald Trump that turn out to be false doesn’t help Trump when people discover they are false.

No conservative/traditionalist should suggest censorship as a remedy. We cannot be free anyway if we do not know what we believe and cannot use good judgement in evaluating what we see.

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