Hillary, lies, and the future of the West

From Victor Davis Hanson at National Review,an unusually perceptive piece:

Why Hillary Is Never Held Accountable for Her Lies

Lying in America has become not lying when “good” liars advance alternative narratives for noble purposes — part of our long slide into situational ethics and moral relativism. Every new bad idea in America today can ultimately be traced to the university. And it seems to take only about 30 years for academia’s nihilism to filter through the elite institutions and make its way into popular culture.

So it is with our present idea of truth as a mere construct. In the 1980s and 1990s professors in the liberal arts became enamored of the French-speaking postmodern nihilists — among them notably Paul de Man, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Jacques Lacan. They refashioned an old philosophical strain of relativism found as far back as the Greek sophists and Plato’s discussion of the noble lie. They were influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche’s attacks on absolute morality, and their youth was lived during the age of Joseph Goebbels and Pravda.

The utter collapse of France in six weeks in May and June 1940 and the later shame that most of the nation either was passive or actively collaborated with the Nazi occupiers rather than proving brave resistance fighters made the idea of empiricism and truth an especially hard pill to swallow for the postwar French postmodernist. More.

Reality check: As progressivism dominates the century through the bureaucracy (in Orwell’s terms, the outer party), we need to clearly see that the progressive does not use the term “lie” in the traditional way. To a traditionalist, a “lie” is an untrue statement knowingly made, in order to mislead, with consequences. To a progressive, a “lie” is a statement that does not serve the progressive cause or is, otherwise, outside the progressive sphere of thought.

It makes no difference to Hillary’s electoral chances among the many voters, American and otherwise, who depend on government for assistance that the statements she makes on serious matters are not true. As long as the money keeps coming, they will look the other way.

Many of these developments are predictable. Here’s a prediction: Public scapegoating dramas against political opponents, blaming them for government’ failures, as a distraction from mounting problems. This common post-democracy tactic is immensely entertaining for an idle, self-righteous, and resentful mob.

Sad: T-shirt says Hillary’s lies matter.

No. They don’t. Getting clear of the consequences will matter a lot though.

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