Child victims of transgender cult

From From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media:

More and more parents are stepping out, admitting that their children “identify as transgender” and wanting to do something about it. Schools encourage gender confusion, and doctors reportedly won’t even run preliminary tests if a child asks for life-altering “treatment.” But before you sign your kids up, listen to the real-life stories of people who deeply regret their “transition.”More.

Reality check: The Big Transgender claims are simply not supported by evidence from science. But—as we settle in for a long century of progressive-directed human tragedies—it’s helpful to keep in mind that actual science support does not matter. Science of convenience can always be ordered up.

The underlying drive is to break down all distinctions and relationships that are of no use to progressive planners. Persistent identification with one’s own sex is one of them.

This is supported at the highest levels:

Even so, in April 2015 the president called for an end to what he called “conversion” therapies for same-sex attracted youths. In fact, the president would ban a lot more than any sexual orientation change regimen. He would effectively make it illegal for a psychologist or psychiatrist to discuss with anyone under eighteen the conflicts between his or her sexual feelings and that person’s own long-term goals and interests. The president would brush aside a teen’s expressed desire to develop stable heterosexuality. He would ignoreoverwhelming scientific evidence that the vast majority (80-90 percent) of teenage boys and more than half of teenage girls who report same-sex attractions (and in some cases, a homosexual or lesbian identity) turn out by age twenty-five or so to be peacefully heterosexual, in favor of a policy to make professional assistance during these passing difficulties illegal. The president’s policy would entail that the traumas and pathologies that so often underlie these expressions of homosexuality and lesbianism be left untreated, all so that the afflicted youth can be “affirmed” in their self-reported sexual identity.

Odd, isn’t it, that the only sexual self-expression progressives won’t allow is the desire to be a typical heterosexual. Many fewer biz ops for “helping professionals” there.

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