Avoiding Foreclosure for Now, Harlem Church Celebrates With Anti-Gay Vitriol

The Atlah Worldwide Church in Harlem has grown infamous for the incendiary and often anti-gay views expressed by its pastor, which are trumpeted in bold letters on a large sign outside the church.

After a judge ruled last week to block the building’s looming foreclosure, the church responded in typical fashion, with a message that said the church would celebrate by burning a rainbow flag in the building’s courtyard, employing an anti-gay slur as a descriptor.

  • mauser 98

    NYC bureaucrats filled with twinks.. trying to bankrupt Manning with bylaw technicalities.. fire code ,roof , sidewalk repairs etc.
    also tried to remove tax exemption status
    ……. his constant Trump support really burned em


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I see a subtext here.
      The urban gay community has more disposable income.
      The heterosexuals who couple up move away to the suburbs.
      Gay stays and outbids the poor for property.

      • mauser 98

        Manning says Harlem now has many white gays
        said Harlem Trayvon Martin protest parade was 90% white women teens to 30’s of age

  • terrence22

    Maybe the guy should post these two items on his sign

  • John

    Nothing like gays to gentrify a neighborhood. In my town there’s been attacks on businesses that sell upscale products in neighborhoods that being gentrified. Pointe St-Charles and St-Henri have seen firebombings.