The Horror! Should we screen immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian values?’ Kellie Leitch’s campaign wants to know

An alleged “conservative” strategist says Leitch should resign simply for asking the question.

“Reaction to the news Thursday was swift.

Conservative strategist Chad Rogers called on Leitch to withdraw her candidacy.

“You don’t get to apologize twice for the same mistake,” said Rogers, a founding partner at Crestview Strategy.

“She’s done something stupid and if she apologizes now and leaves the race, she has a chance to rebuild her reputation within the party.”

I have no idea what sort of leader the PC’s will elect but it ain’t lookin good.

The NCCM and the CBC both share the same agenda. The NCCM tweeted a link from the CBC’s article, note the difference in the headline from the article on the CBC page –“Should we screen immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian values?’ Kellie Leitch’s campaign wants to know” and the tweet headline; “Kellie Leitch asks supporters if we should screen supporters for cultural values”.

The tweet headline is likely the article’s original given how Twitter works, funny how the  the CBC feels screening for “anti-Canadian values” is a bad thing. The NCCM would of course heartily agree with that stance.


NCCM cultural valuses tweet


  • Mark

    Who the fuck is Chad Rogers and why should anyone give a damn what he thinks?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s time for western separation.
      The Conservatives are going to choose another Joe Clark.
      Hey, we’re not corrupt but we’re just like the Liberals.
      Vote for us.
      Bugger off!
      I’m not doing this again.

      • Dave

        As much as I agree with separation there are still too many half-wits in the west who would still vote liberal or liberal lite.
        Depressing, I know.

        • G

          I too agree with western separation but even southern Albertans, (SUPPOSEDLY the most conservative group in Cana- duh) are too gutless & lazy.
          Myself, I’ve pretty much given up on regular politics in this country. I find ways to vote with my wallet. It’s more effective.
          Also as a westerner, I constantly look for ways to support QUEBEC separatism. It does nothing for the west but it scares the shit out of the pricks in Ontario, BC and the maritimes.

          • Dave

            I like how you think.

          • barryjr

            It is the solemn duty of all true Canadians to support and aid Quebec separation.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      “Chad”….to me, it’s almost like a boy named “sue”…

      • mauser 98

        you are clairvoyant..see above

      • Samuel Q-L

        Chad roughly translates to “lake” or “body of water”

      • barryjr

        Aren’t those the confused hanging thingies that the Democrats were so concerned about in 2000?

    • mauser 98
      • Waffle

        You first have to be a virtue signaller from the highest rooftop.

      • Alain

        Frankly I don’t give two cents for what his sexual preference is; it is irrelevant. What I do care about is whether he is a conservative, and he has shown he is not.

        • mauser 98

          i live under the Wynne gay jackboot …daily kick in the teeth
          i do not want another one steering policy in her direction.
          they have the same recruitment mentality..see Wynne perv sex ed
          i am sick of it

          • Alain

            The point I was trying to make was that his sexual preference should be his private business, not something to flaunt as though it makes him better or worse. Yet for him it seems that is what he bases his identity on. Those who do so do tend to behave as you describe.

          • mauser 98

            big perks in politics to flaunt it now..automatic promotion
            thats how “Chad ” got here

      • The Butterfly

        Oh dear.

      • Martin B

        You’d think that Chad would have a personal interest in keeping people whose values include tossing gay men off tall buildings out of Canada. Apparently not.

        • mauser 98

          or burkas or stoning raped women

      • DD_Austin

        Blow the reporter

      • A male homosexual tells a lesbian to shut up. And both of them are considered “Conservatives”. It looks like the gay lobby has cemented its position in that doomed party.

        • mauser 98

          gay , lesbo , trans is pedophilia and bestiality
          .. no end or pleasing them…endless
          they need perpetual victims

    • Alain

      No idea other than he is NOT a conservative. Fuck him and his fellow travellers who should join either the Liberals or NDP, either one would be their true home.

    • G

      Mark, to answer your question.

      Chad Rogers is the 56th person the reporter had to phone in order to get the exact quote they wanted for the story the already had outlined.
      When you can’t find anyone who will say what you want keep trying different people until you strike gold.

  • PaulW

    So this is a bad thing because … there are no such things as “Canadian” values? If so, then the exercise would simply be a waste of time – big deal. Because all value sets (cultures) are equivalent? But if that were in fact the case, taking a specific group – ANY group – would be an irrelevant consideration, simply a labeling issue. So if one limits oneself to, say, European immigrants, this would be fine. Right?! I don’t think so, somehow.

    Because what is really happening, though they would probably never admit it, is that these people consider Western values to be INFERIOR (not equivalent), and so wish to exclude those who have such values. Additionally, they hate whites and Christians but love Muslims so they want specifically and only Muslim immigrants (to continue and complete the destruction of our Western societies). Effin’ progressives ….

    • The NCCM does not share values n common with Canadians, nor does the CBC for that matter.

  • Bernie

    Screening is a must with the right questions asked showing typical Canadian Values and asking the person being screened to either agree with them or not. If that person does not, reject their application. This is not rocket science.

    • But that’s profiling!

      • Oracle9

        Yep, discrimination! As in “she’s a discriminating shopper”. A good thing. Too bad the concept of discrimination has dropped the positive connotation.

    • Alain

      That isn’t any where near enough to be honest, since it assumes they give honest answers.

  • k2

    “Should we screen immigrants for anti-Canadian values?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ….!

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …our silver-spoon metrosexual Petit Dauphin wants to Europeanize this country….

      • Editor

        As in Molenbeek and Tower Hamlets Europeanize?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’ve been villified for my beliefs and habits, don’t you think any of that kind of personal bullshit stops you from getting a job or a contract and keeping it? It sure f***ing does. Think it’ll happen with Trudeau’s syrian jooo-hating muzzle’em pets? I don’t think so….

  • Oracle9

    G&M commenters are getting the vapors for the “radical” and “bigoted” concept of deciding who will occupy our living rooms.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    And still people wonder why some of us are adamant about the Let It Burn feelings. There is no difference between the parties.

    Canada desperately requires massive doses of the alt-right.

  • Allan

    I’d vote for her in an instant if the PC’s could organize such a thing.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Canada has has a failed political system.

    The same party runs in Canada as in place in US/EU/UN.

    Like it or not we are deeply associated with the NWO, where the liberal party is in for life, and the conservative party fields only spoilers.

    Ontario, Alberta, Federal. Less spine than cooked spaghetti. What a joke.

    This became noticeable in Pierre’s reign as queens rep, and manifested itself with Con leaders like Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark.

    “Joe Who?” Remember that media Blitz? It never went away till Joe was gone.

    He turned into a gormless federal conservative Zombie like all Conservative leaders who tried to make it to Ottawa from the hinterlands.

    Only, now its worse.

    It is so out in the open what’s happening with Canada’s conservatives they have become a facetious parody.

    Alberta got Stelmach to start the ball rolling, then Redford with her UN ideals unable to hide her disgust with our province.

    Her job done, the hero from Ottawa, Jim Prentice

    shows up to do his job for the NWO and once the Wildrose party was dismantled, set up our election loss to the NDP.

    Another federalist stepped in to finish off the Wildrose Party, in the person of Brian Jean.

    Come on Conservatives, you cannot hide the reality of your decisions in Alberta. if you don’t understand, the point is keep ex-federal people out of our power structure here.
    Jason Kenny for premier? I’m ready to vote NDP just to avoid the embarrassment of another Federalist doing the dirty work for Trudeau out west.
    Remember, he’s part of the limp spaghetti ex-federal conservatives who support the TPP sellout of Canada, just like our current Chinese ideologist, French speaking Quebec loving, Canada hating prime minster.
    Other than that, I would certainly vote for Wynnes conservative opposition leader, Patrick Brown in the next election. ROTFLMAO!!!

  • ontario john

    Of course the media is going bat shit over this. God forbid that we would want immigrants that actually like us. That would be islamophobic, and not part of the new Sunny Ways Canada. Praise Allah!!!

    • Amen!

    • jt

      The U of Ottawa is having a muslim frosh week well sort of no booze and no pork but the media thinks its great.

  • Editor

    I made my mind up about Kellie Leitch two years ago, when she did this.

    SJW bullying from a Minister’s office.

  • canminuteman

    That’s silly. Obviously we should import people who hate us and want us all dead. That makes sense, right?

  • John

    The whole fucking reason for vetting immigrants is to assess whether their values, ethics and behaviors dovetail with those of Canadians.

    If we won’t do that, then why have an immigration board at all?