Oversensitive MPs need to ‘get in the sea’

Get in the sea’ is a jokey expression, often bandied about on social media. A a polite way of telling someone to fuck off, the common Twitter insult is as tongue in cheek as it is widely used.

So, when Verity Phillips, a student at the University of Bristol, tweeted at her local MP, telling her to ‘get in the sea’, she wasn’t literally demanding that her elected representative go for a dip.

However, Labour MP for Bristol West Thangam Debbonaire had clearly left her sarcasm detector at home. Debbonaire claimed that Phillips’ tweet had threatened her life, tweeting: ‘This person has just told me to drown – I believe that is a threat to kill.’

  • Alain

    The Left and Muslims, the eternally offended. They both love to dish it out even to making it physical, but with the huge block of wood on their shoulders any thing and every thing results in claiming to be victims.

    • Always the victim.

    • Clausewitz

      Labour in Britain are just like our Liberal’s in Canada. Completely clueless or duplicitous, take your pick.

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