Out: Higher Education – In: Higher Propaganda

Dunce CatKeeping students ignorant of the past makes them more susceptible to the influences of Progressive propaganda, while ginning up faux outrages and fear mongering insures that most students, even if exposed to actual history and philosophy, will stay within the Progressive fold.

  • Surele Surele

    I always believed that people who do not know their (and the world’s) history are easily manipulated. This of course was started by design years ago, and we are presently paying the price. My colleagues were always surprised at my knowledge (scant and limited as it is now) of facts from the past and, I suspect, think me a bit weird; who needs to know? what does it matter anymore? WE. And it DOES.

  • Ed

    The sad fact is that the current generation of professors are unable to teach the information, because they never learned it either.

    Once you get out of the first year survey courses, you can complete a degree in the humanities without ever cracking open a primary source. The only reason this farce continues is because parents still think of the degree as a means of accessing the middle class. Once that myth collapses, so too will enrollment.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If these institutions of higher learning are in fact pushing academic snake oil for exorbitant tuition, students and/or their parents should sue for fraud.